Boucher Bros and Elbow River Marketing donate $8600 to Nampa Public School

Boucher Bros and Elbow River Marketing donate $8600 to Nampa Public School

With the support and generosity of Boucher Bros. and Elbow River Marketing, Nampa Public School (NPS) students will be provided with free school supplies, increased access to technology and the continuation of the breakfast program.

“Boucher Bros and Elbow River Marketing’s support has a positive impact on both our school and the community of Nampa” says NPS Principal Kevin Munch.  “This is the second year Elbow River and Boucher Bros have supported the school in this capacity and we are very grateful. It makes a big difference.”

Kevin says that some of the funds will go toward purchasing a school supply starter pack for every student in the school which means that families will not need to purchase school supplies.

“School supplies are free here and our families are very appreciative for that” says Kevin.

The school will also purchase 10 additional Chromebooks (laptops) for the school to expand upon technology-based teaching and learning practices in place in NPS classrooms.

“Their support allows us to provide extra support, programming, tools and resources making NPS a school of choice for families in the area” says Kevin. “We will also use the funds to continue the breakfast program and help families in need at Christmas time.”

Ed Malcolm, Elbow River Marketing President says together with Boucher Bros, they are happy to help the school and community.

“It is important for us to support kids” says Ed. “They are the future of our society and we are more than happy to help the school and the community.”

Elbow River Marketing is a petroleum product marketing company based out of Calgary that contracts Boucher Bros. to operate their petroleum facility located in the Nampa area.

“Boucher Bros. is a long standing family business and knows the community well” says Ed. “We work closely with them and rely on their guidance on how we can best contribute and be a part of the community.”

Ed noted that although their company is based out of Calgary, it is important that they have a presence in the community and therefore have employees travel to Nampa regularly working and engaging with community organizations.

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