Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to another exciting year at Nampa Public School.  A special welcome to our new students joining us this year.  I’m sure you will become part of the Nampa Public School family in no time.  I’d also like to welcome our newest addition to the Nampa School teaching staff, Neda Nasseri.  Miss Nasseri is looking forward to teaching grade 2/3 with Mr. Munch this year.

Classes and Teaching Assignments

Grade K-1: Mrs. Rollheiser

Grade 2/3: Miss Nasseri & Mr. Munch

Grade 4-6: Mrs. Saliwonchuk

Office manager: Mrs. Velie

EA and librarian: Mrs. Alfred

School Opening and Breakfast Club

Our playground will have a supervisor on duty at 8:35 AM every school day.  Kindly do not send your child to school before 8:35 AM as it is a safety issue.  All students will be expected to play on the playground until the bell rings at 8:50 AM (unless due to weather, see below).  Once again, Elbow River Marketing and Boucher Bros. are generously sponsoring our breakfast club.  Students who wish to have breakfast may come inside starting at 8:35 AM, leave their belongings at their locker, and go to the breakfast club.  On mornings where the principal calls an inside recess due to weather, doors will be opened at 8:35 AM and students will be expected to come inside and sit at their lockers.

Visitors During The Day

For the safety of our students and staff, all visitors must sign in at the office and wear visitor ID tags, which are available at the office.  In the event of an emergency, everyone must be accounted for, including our parents.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with this.

End of the Day

Unless you are picking your child up early for an appointment or other engagement, please do not arrive to pick you children up before 3:15 PM.  Our last bell rings at 3:20 PM and our students need to remain focused until the end of the day.  Again, thank you for your cooperation in ensuring that your children have the best educational environment possible.  Parents are more than welcome to wait in the parent lounge located next to the kitchen off the main entrance.

Should you have any questions or you would like to meet me or the staff, please don’t hesitate to contact us or come on down to the school; we’d love to meet you!  We are on the web at www.nampapublicschool.ca or follow us on Facebook at Nampa Public School.


Yours in education,


Mr. K. Munch