Superintendent Message

Superintendent Message

In Peace River School Division (PRSD), our mission, vision and motto guide the important work we do. Parents and guardians are very important members of the PRSD family and I believe that it is important that our families are familiar with our foundational statements.  

Our mission “Learning Together – Success for All” describes our purpose, focus and values. In PRSD, we believe that when we work and learn together, everyone experiences success. We have a great responsibility to ensure our students experience their full potential and this is achieved through shared and continuous learning, growth, teamwork and collaboration.

Our vision statement “First Choice for Students; We are a dynamic learning community focusing on student success” speaks to our goals and objectives - what we are continually working toward. Our vision statement speaks to our commitment to be first choice for students through the dynamic and engaging learning communities with the overarching goal of student success and overall well-being.

Our motto communicates our beliefs, ideals and follows the acronym P-R-S-D.
Pride in Public Education
Respect, Responsibility and Integrity
Student-centered; promoting success and safety
Diversity celebrated; Differences embraced

All of the above foundational statements are very important in guiding our divisional work and we hope that they are transparent in all your interactions with PRSD. Thanks for your continued support in successfully educating our youth.

Paul Bennett, PRSD Superintendent