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Attention NPS Parents and Caregivers

On October 28, 2021, Peace River School Division held its organizational meeting where Superintendent Adam Murray brought Policy 15 before the board. Policy 15 states:

  • When costs incurred by the Board in maintaining a school and education program are high and it is viable to transport students to another school as well as the ability to provide an adequate education program to students in attendance are affected, Policy 15 comes into effect.
  • When action is required on this Policy, the first steps are to do a study and information gathering with all stakeholders.
  • The period of this study is from November to February and will include:
    • The most recent and accurate enrollment projections and other pertinent information (where students are to go, how bussing will be arranged, the impact on receiving schools, etc.).
    • Input from the school and School Council.
  • The matter will be further discussed at the February regular Board meeting, at which time all pertinent information will be considered. If the process is to continue, first reading shall be given to a motion for closure of the entire school or an instructional division.

Currently, Nampa Public School has 42 students, 5 of which are in kindergarten. In the provincial funding model, this means we receive funding for 39.5 students as kindergarten students are only given half the funding. If our number reaches 35 or below, our funding will essentially be reduced to half its current amount.

Please remember, this does not mean Nampa Public School has been set to close. This is only the information gathering step of the process. The administration and staff will work diligently with central to ensure our students’ and family’s best interests are met.

Policy 15 can be found on the PRSD website in the Board Policy Handbook section.

The Board values its schools and will continue to work with its school communities and make decisions based on the needs of all students.

Please feel free to contact me at the school with your concerns and questions.


Kevin Munch

Principal & Teacher

Nampa Public School

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